What is the Computer Science Society?

We are a group of like-minded individuals all of whom share a common interest in the realm of computing. We meet every Thursday at 6pm to talk about technology, to explore and share ideas, and to build and break apart things.

Why should students join or get involved?

We build robots, break networks, and have our own social room. Whether you're a CompSci major or a part-time nerd, all levels are welcome. As a society we thrive on having such a diverse membership, so whatever your preferred language, framework, architecture, platform, or interest, you'll feel at home.

What activities or events has LUCSS run this academic year?

We have our own room located in the Old Engineering Building where we've held workshops for building Android apps, hackathons, and talks from industry professionals like Github. We help run Lancaster Startup Weekend where our members build apps and services in 48 hours and the winners win funding and office space.