Chat Server

As a member of CompSoc you'll get access to our private Mattermost server. If you've already signed up but don't have access, opt-in here! Otherwise you can join us immediately by accessing from your favourite browser.

Joining via IRC client

Let's face it, you probably want to use irssi (or similar) to l33t out everyone in the room. Don't worry, we've accommodated for that! You can join the server quite easily by:

/set nick <username>
/msg mattermost login compsoc <username> <password>

This will auto-connect you to all your channels and private groups.

Requesting a private team

The benefits of running your own team allows you to:

If you're interested in incorporating a chat server into your project or organisation workflow at the University, LUCSS may be able to help you out. Please drop us a line for more information or details of your request.