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All abilities welcome!

10am-6pm 27 May 2017

'Nobody will use this'

There's no end-goal, no notion of good or bad, and no idea too simple or too stupid. The Silly Hackathon is aimed at everyone with the desire to build their wacky and fantastic ideas for the simple sake of building something.


The plan is simple, we'll be holding a day of building silly tools, gadgets and thingamabobs. Use your programming skills to develop something which has no utility but enormous humouristic value.

if (idea['type'] == 'terrible' OR list_uses(idea) == [] OR wtf(idea) > 0) { print('Perfect!'); }

At the end of the day, every participant or team will have a five-minute presentation to show off what they've made to everyone else.


10:00 Arrive / Registration
10:30 Introduction presentation
13:00 FREE PIZZA! 🍕
18:00 Silly Showcase!
19:00 Pub (Optional)


Does this sound like the best thing ever?


*Or 'us' — you can participate in a team.



Happy (Silly) Hacking!